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with bent barbells, so that the end result would look something like this for women who are able to get a pair of these piercings. Some people don't have enough skin to hold underneath the receiving tube; their anatomy is just not made for. If you're interested in getting a clitoral hood piercing, your piercer will probably want to perform what's called a Q-tip test, where s/he will insert a cotton swab into your clitoral hood to see if it's deep enough to accommodate a receiving tube. The clitoris itself is just too sensitive and the delicate nerves clustered in it could be easily damaged if pierced incorrectly. I felt bad  I remember that day like it was yesterday. Growing up, I was always that kid who would pierce all my friends. Advertisement, when I first started, the guy who owned the shop gave me a collection of old school VHS piercing tapes to watch. VCH piercings tend to be more sexually stimulating than HCH piercings because of the way the jewelry sits after you're pierced. Your piercer would have to be able to pinch behind your clitoral hood and lift up the clitoral shaft, away from your body, in order to be able to safely give you a triangle piercing.

Association of Professional Piercers website, as well as the links they provide to other piercing-related sites. Rings in the 20g range). Details, official Sites: Official Facebook, official site, see more country: USA. Don't worry about." It makes you feel completely different about your body. Simply spray saline solution around your piercing to soften the crust, and then gently wipe it away with a clean tissue or cotton swab. They were like, 'This is what you need. Like the Triangle, I always have a consultation prior to doing the work because, most women need a custom-made piece if they are not suited for a surface bar.

I always stock every gauge, diameter and style at all times and consult on custom pieces. This is not to be confused with an Isabella piercing, which is considered a much riskier and rarer piercing than the Nefertiti. See more edit, box Office, opening Weekend USA: 8,752, 3 February 2019, Limited Release. They'll say, "Maybe if I have this jewelry here, it will look more attractive." And I'm like, "Girl, you've got a beautiful vagina. A few years back, I had a dom come in with her sub and they got pierced together. Anatomy is one of the most important conversations we'll have, because not every piercing is suitable for every person. There were two videos of genital piercings: one male, one female and that's how I first learned. Fourchette piercings are not commonly performed, because very few women have the anatomical structure needed for this piercing.

I'm not generally a nervous person when it comes to doing a piercing of any sort, but you definitely feed off the energy of the client. The actual piercing itself is so quick it takes seconds. And most of the time, people that are getting a genital piercing are just naturally nervous. They can both choose from a variety of ear piercings, lip, eyebrow, nose and other facial piercings, tongue piercings and other oral piercings, surface piercings and dermal piercings, and even nipple piercings. Inner Labia: These piercings heal extremely quickly and are often done in pairs. As a piercer, I should have recognized that and said, "Maybe you should think on this a little longer." But that was a long time ago, and you live and you learn. Most obviously, one is placed horizontally through the clitoral hood while the other is placed vertically through.

It's an area that naturally cleans itself. Here's a breakdown of the average healing time for each type of female genital piercing specifically: Christina Piercings: 3-4 months Clitoris Piercings: 4-6 weeks Fourchette Piercings: 2-3 months Horizontal Clitoral Hood Piercings: 6-8 weeks Inner Labia Piercings: 4-6 weeks Outer. At the same time, piercing the genital area is still very taboo to discuss. I don't think I've ever seen a really, truly infected female genital piercing. I usually perform this piercing with a 14g or 12g custom-made bar.


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always GO TO AN experienced piercer that CAN show YOU healed photos OF female genital work theyve done! Obviously, piercers have different techniques, but the way I do it is I take a small receiving tube and slide it underneath the skin, and then I push the needle into the receiving tube. Usually, you have to go through a formal apprenticeship and train under someone, but I just got thrown into. Most women wear a curved bar in this piercing, though a ring is not uncommon. From high grade polish to the finest internal threading Ive ever seen and used, our friends at Anatometal make the best quality body jewellery on earth.

With genital work, I typically work appointment only and prefer a sit down consultation prior to the work being done. These piercings I pierce with 10g rings and larger. VCH stands for "vertical clitoral hood" and HCH is an acronym for "horizontal clitoral hood". With a VCH piercing, the jewelry (often a bent barbell or a circular barbell ) will rest on top of your clitoris vertically, touching more of your clitoris than an HCH piercing ring (often a captive ring. Illustrated by Anna Sudit. A consultation is once again needed prior to doing the actual work, as jewellery is again an issue dependent on anatomy. The owner needed a piercer, and I was available. The Piercing Bible, Elayne Angel, came up with the idea of the Princess Diana piercing for a woman who traveled a great distance to see her to have her perform what's called a triangle piercing, which actually sits behind the. This is a more common practice with outer labia piercing than inner labia piercings, though, because they're larger, sturdier and more able to handle a row of rings than the delicate inner labia. Of course, then I started watching other people in real life, and it all snowballed from there.

Genital tissue is very vascular and flexible and will generally heal more quickly compared to ear cartilage, navels and noses, which can take approximately six months to heal. Both inner and outer labia piercings tend to be done more for aesthetics than for a woman's own sexual pleasure. It's also just a huge rush to get done. The vertical clit hood (VCH) piercing is the most common kind, for example, but there are people who can't get it done either because the skin above the hood is too tight. Women who have deep, wide clitoral hoods that can accommodate 2 cotton swabs in a Q-tip test are candidates for an even more sexually stimulating piercing called a Princess Diana piercing. Each type of genital piercing, and even the same piercing on different bodies, may result in different physical sensations. Piercing of the clitoris is very rare both because many people's anatomies are not ideally suited to clit piercing (clitoris is not large enough to pierce or support the weight of jewelry) and the act of piercing. However, piercing a bundle of 8,000 nerves that has a primary purpose of sexual arousal would most definitely make sex feel more intense.

What many people refer to as a clit piercing is actually a piercing of the skin around or near the clitoris or other genital area. I've had women tell me they are getting it done to reclaim their body after a bad relationship. Ten years ago, I was doing a VCH piercing. Most of the process is talking with the client. Horizontal Hood: This piercing passes through the clitoral hood horizontally and allows the ring to lie across the stem of the clit and the bead to lie directly on the clit itself. I've had many piercings in my lifetime  I've had a face full at one point but I haven't gotten one in God knows how long. Less Common Clitoral Hood Piercings. This piercing is anatomy dependent. Some women will wear one ring through the two piercings to create a chastity device. I didn't do a female genital piercing for at least a year or two into the job because I was absolutely terrified.

People just want to share things. I answer any questions, discuss what they want, where they want it, and then I have them lie on the table in the room so I can check the anatomy. The depth of a woman's clitoral hood dictates which type of piercing she's a candidate to get. Renowned piercing artist and author. If you're going to use anything, make it a saline solution  that's supposed to mimic the amount of salt your body actually makes. Jewelry tends to be more stationary with an HCH piercing, giving you a consistent look when you're intimate with someone. Once healed, experimentation with various sizes and lengths of jewelry to express beauty or generate sensation may be in order. See more » Connections Features La dama rossa uccide sette volte (1972) See more » Soundtracks Tenebre Written by Claudio Simonetti, Massimo Morante, Fabio Pignatelli Performed by Claudio Simonetti, Massimo Morante, Fabio Pignatelli See more » Getting Started Contributor. It's a primarily aesthetic piercing, rather than a sexually-stimulating one. A Princess Diana piercing is somewhat of a hybrid between an HCH piercing and a VCH piercing, and it can provide a woman with even more stimulation than a VCH piercing, particularly if she gets a pair of Princess.

Most women agree that this piercing offers more stimulation than any other female genital piercing because it puts pressure on the clitoris from the underneath. What's the difference between the two types of clitoral hood piercings? Women and men largely have the same piercing options. Clitoral Hood Piercings, contrary to popular belief, very few piercers will actually pierce a woman's clitoris. Lymph sometimes dries to a crust (hence the term "crusties" that people often use with new piercings which is also not an issue. Christina piercings  also known as a venus piercing, located on the surface pubic area where the outer labia meet, right above the clitoral hood which are really popular lately. That's why, before I even bring them in the room, I give them a quick speech about how there's always a chance that the piercing can't be done, so that they know it's not their fault. A receiving tube (shown to the left) will essentially catch a piercing needle when it's passed through the top of your clitoral hood and prevent it from hitting and damaging the clitoris.

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If you'd like to see what fourchette piercings look like, visit the smoke fetish erotische anal geschichten Fourchette Piercing Pictures section of our photo gallery. This type of female genital piercing is placed vertically through the pubic mound, above the clitoral hood. People have this urge to jump and move away from the pain it's just a natural instinct that happens to everyone. Language: English, release Date: 22 February 2019 (UK see more also Known As: Pirsing. I Got A Facial On My Vagina Loved Every Minute Of It Everything You Need To Know About These 12 Piercings Advertisement. Some women need to change the jewellery diameter or shape for optimal healing and normal wear. Advertisement, i always talk through the piercing with my clients to help them relax. I can dish it but I definitely can't take. That way your legs become relaxed and your whole body is more at ease. However, HCH piercing holes could possibly be re-purposed for a pair of Princess Diana piercings later, if your clitoral hood is deep and wide enough.

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As the name implies, the VCH is a piercing vertically through the clitoral hood (the skin covering the glans of the clitoris). You have to have a very specific anatomy for that, and a lot of people can't. If stimulation is your goal, then get a VCH piercing if your piercer says you qualify anatomically. Generally speaking, the most popular and commonly-performed female genital piercings are clitoral hood piercings, labia piercings, and Christina piercings. Some research suggests that a supposed loss of sensitivity is more likely due to the fact that a person may become accustomed to the level of stimulation felt with the piercing and does not actually signify a decrease in feeling. Imagine a vertical hood meets a Christina piercing. For more information, read our How to Use the Forum article. The "triangle" piercing also directly stimulates the clitoris, but from the underside. When it comes to sexuality and sexual acts, personal preferences and comfort vary with each person. Is there any truth to these rumors?

That was the exact moment I decided to go deep into the speeches before I do these piercings. As with VCH piercings, not every woman is a candidate for a triangle piercing. Then, as I started pushing the needle through, she grabbed my arm, and pulled my hand away. If your clitoral hood is deep enough, then you can choose from either a VCH piercing or an HCH piercing. With that being said, this piercing is normally easy to heal without problems. Female genital piercing, click here FOR photos, when it comes to female genital piercing I have done some really exciting procedures and some extremely nice work. Unfortunately, most women just are not good candidates for this piercing, because there isn't enough tissue in their clitoral hoods and clitorises to manipulate them and pierce beneath the clitoris without damaging. Flipping The Switch, i've thought about getting my own pierced, but it's not really for. People's natural reaction is to use soap, but soap can be pretty irritating in the female genital area, so you should avoid that. The VCH usually heals in about one to four weeks, while the HCH heals in six to eight weeks and the "triangle" takes about two to three months.

There's a little more to it than that, though. The rules are generally the same for all types of female genital piercings. Related Video: Read these stories next: ALL The Burning Questions You've Wanted To Ask About "Vagina" Piercings (nsfw). Cotton underwear, skirts, etc.) as much as possible during the healing process. Edit, storyline, a man kisses his wife and baby goodbye and seemingly heads away on business, with a plan to check into a hotel, call an escort service, and kill an unsuspecting prostitute. I have a great understanding of the female anatomy and I have been using only the best methods for female genital procedures, the highest quality body jewellery in the industry and of course state-of-the-art sterilization methods. If you have any questions or concerns during the healing process, contact your piercer or reach out to our knowledgeable forum moderators and members. If someone has a serious infection, they shouldn't go to a piercer, they should go to a doctor. You will need a Painful Pleasures account to log in to our forum and post questions there, just as you do to see sexually-explicit images in our photo gallery. There are a few different female piercing options that are completely unique to women, all of which are in the genital region.

Assuming everything looks good, we decide on the jewelry, and then I sterilize that along with the needle. With my high standards of sterilization, best methods for these procedures and optimal placement, I have carved out a reputation in this industry as a specialist when it comes to female genital piercing. If you really want a Christina piercing, ask your piercer to use a traditional Christina piercing barbell, and to pierce you as deeply as is reasonably possible to give your Christina piercing the highest chance of success. When A Vagina Piercing Goes Wrong. Fourchette: A fourchette piercing is a labial piercing done at the rear rim of the vagina. You just have to be open to other ideas in these cases. How, exactly, does It All Go Down?

A very few, lucky women can get a pair of Princess Diana piercings and a VCH piercing. Nefertiti: This is personally my favorite of all the female genital piercings. These piercings I perform with 10g rings and larger. You'll find the following clitoral hood piercing photo sections there, where our community members have shared images of their piercings: VCH Piercing Pictures HCH Piercing Pictures Princess Diana Piercing Pictures Triangle Piercing Pictures Labia Piercings "Labium" is Latin for "lip. Just as some favor certain sexual positions, others respond more to specific piercings, especially those below the belt. It travels from the public mound, and rather than exiting above the top of the clitoral hood like the Christina, it follows through the entire hood, and the bottom sits exactly like a vertical hood piercing. But as long as you keep it clean, the odds are pretty slim. I don't like getting pierced. If your clitoral hood isn't deep enough to accommodate a receiving tube comfortably, then you'll only be a candidate for an HCH piercing, which passes horizontally through the clitoral hood, over top of the clitoris, and doesn't require. Christina piercings are the primary exception; they can take anywhere from 3 to 4 months or more to heal, where as most other female genital piercings take 6 to 8 weeks or less.

I start this piercing at either a 12g or 10g, always preferring the larger. A fourchette piercing is a piercing of a flap of skin at the back of the vulva that few women have. Much like the inner labia, they offer little to no sensation and are worn mainly for esthetic purposes. During the female genital healing process, you should not : have sexual intercourse or play with your piercing before it's fully healed; let anyone else's bodily fluids come in contact with your new piercing; change your body jewelry prematurely. If you are at all interested in female genital work and would like to know what types of piercings there are for you to choose from, here are a few of the most popular female genital procedures I perform.

Getting Up Close Personal, with piercings in general, people feel very vulnerable and especially so when you are doing a piercing that involves clothing coming off. Outer Labia: These piercings pass through the labia majora and are sometimes slow to heal. The following story was told to Kelsey Castañon and edited for length and clarity. If you're over the age of 18 and have a Painful Pleasures account, you can visit the Female Genital Piercing Pictures section of our photo gallery to see pictures of both inner labia piercings an outer labia piercings that our community members have shared. Women have come in uncomfortable with their bodies or the way it looks, and they'll want to decorate.

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Female Genital freenet singles kostenlos wedding Piercing Aftercare Healing Times Most female genital piercings heal relatively quickly-more quickly than most other body piercings, in fact. Genital piercings are the one area where piercing options for women deviate from men. The outer labia are thick, sturdy, and easily pierced on most women. The aesthetic value can be quite a mental turn-on for a partner, though, which can in turn stimulate you mentally, if not physically. I practice breathing with them, which usually helps a lot. Also, keep in mind that healing time is often relative to a person's individual body. Cassi Lopez is the head body piercer. Types of Female Genital Piercings, when it comes to piercing options just for women, there are a few broad categories of female genital piercings and a number of specific female genital piercings that fall into each category. That's the fun thing about them, though: You can get a whole bunch and then take them out. Both piercings are piercings of the clitoral hood that provide varying degrees of stimulation for a woman.